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One of the processes that will make Jonny Strawz unique and successful will be the development of high quality, different products, delivered quickly (within 40 seconds) with little waste.

Today’s food engineering and technology enables us to do just that on a variety of levels. We have left off much of the “how to” for competitive and privacy reasons.

There are 5 stations in the order process for smoothies and shakes:
Ice Station (in or out) using filtered water Base Station -yogurt or ice cream Flavor Station – an arm similar to a “bar gun” is used to dispense product Mix Station – Blended to proper consistency Delivery Station – handed to customer

There are 2 stations for other products (Make Station and Delivery Station); flavored coffees, flavored teas and cappuccinos

The Flavor Station
The flavor Station is the centerpiece of the operation, enabling the company to provide a wide variety of standard flavors (strawberry, blueberry, banana) and unique flavors (regional, ethnic, global, specials, etc) and do so in a modular, self- contained system that is easy to manage, modify and retool for new products.

The Whizzard
 Our completely integrated technology suite, including SaaS software, mobile technology, Geo Fence, Beaconing, Hardware and ingredient systems is called The Whizzard, as it produces high quality product as almost a miracle!

Ingredient/On-Store Marketing Management
The sales and product ordering system software and outside ordering menu will be centralized so menu changes can be made on a global, regional, franchise or store level from a remote location.

Drive Thru Ordering
Jonny Strawz will be a double drive thru operation with two sets of stations – one on either side of the interior of the building. This creates redundancy and increase efficiency during peak buying times. Mobile geo-fence technology will enable even faster processing of customer orders.